Critical error after upgrades, Part 2

Hi Friends,
Since I manage to make such long and probably confusing messages, and since some time has passed, I’m starting a new topic for this. But now I have some input from my host, on this issue: 301 Moved Permanently.

Briefly, as far as I understand, he upgraded PHP on my server from…whatever it was, which Piwik told me was at end of life, to version 5.4.34. And he upgraded Piwik, and a lot of other things too, on my server. After the upgrades, I was getting a critical error on System Check page, which says (twice, in bold, red text):

“The mbstring extension is required to handle multibyte characters in the User interface and API responses. Also please check that mbstring.func_overload is set to “0” in php.ini.”

In addition, my GeoIP was shown as Broken (bold, red text also) on the Geo Location page.

First, he said he thought the mbstring error was…I don’t remember exactly how he said it, but it made me think mbstring was not related to the geolocation issue. He asked me to try overwriting GeoLiteCity.dat (which seems to be the same as GeoIPCity.dat) in piwik/misc/. I did that, with no success.

Next, he said he wiped my piwik dir, reinstalled Piwik again, and said to reinstall GeoIP as before. However, after downloading again the GeoLiteCity.dat/GeoIPCity.dat, as per instructions on the GeoLocation page, instead of “Not Installed” changing to “Installed”, it changed to “Broken”, as it had been before.

When I reported that, and asked if I should report to you all, he said:

"You could ask if the language or other settings in the pic attached have an adverse effect. They are at the default now."
Image attached.

Thanks for your help. I hope we have enough info to figure this out now :slight_smile:

Hi Brynn,

I’m bit surprised that Mbstring appears with a warning/error for you. could you paste here a link to your phpinfo() ?

Regarding the other issue with geo location showing as “broken” im not sure what could be the cause… are you sure the files are uploaded fully and have proper permission set?

Thanks matt.

I don’t know where the php info is, so I’ll find out, and post a link. (I know where it is for my gallery (CPG), but not for piwik. Is it the same thing?)

No, I guess I’m not sure if the files have proper permissions set. I’m pretty sure GeoLiteCity.dat was downloaded completely (took about 3 to 5 minutes on my connection). But since you said “files”, maybe I don’t have them all? I followed the instructions on the Geo Location page, and they worked when I originally installed GeoIP. It’s just something changed after the php upgrade (apparently).

I’ll post back with the link, as soon as I have it.

Ok, well somehow…either that was enough info to put my host on the right trail, or he figured it out otherwise. Everything’s all fixed now, and I’m back in business!

I’m sorry, I wish I could provide the solution, in case anyone else has this problem. But I don’t actually know what he did :sunglasses:

Thanks again :slight_smile: