Creation of average load time segments

Good day,
how to filter the average page load time > 5 seconds in Matomo as a segment? Unfortunately I did not find this segment among the subitems. Is it possible to add it?
The goal is to find the average page load time >5 seconds or even > 4 seconds

The KPI is tracked in some widgets yet e.g. pages but its not possible to bring it out by segmentation.

@matthieu, is this something you could answer?
Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure asking directly Matthieu is a good way to get some answers… when you have a problem with Facebook, do you ask @Mark? :wink:

For your question, I think the feature doesn’t exist. So you can create a feature request in the Matomo GitHub repo:

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Hey Philippe.

Thank you.
Will create a request there.

Stay safe.

Feature Request Link: