Creating comparison between tracking methode

@Lukas Tried that above, not sure the outcome really is easy to read (I’m missing ways to define borders & backgrounds), neither is that very convenient to edit… but maybe that will do for now. Did you spot any wrong info so far?
:tick: is not resolved correctly in the live preview, but looks better than :ok: in the finished table…

That’s just the discourse cache and should be resolved after some time. (I just added those two as custom emojis)

In my opinion this is quite readable as it is now.

To point out a few things where I wasn’t 100% sure:
Is it correct that the bot detection performed by the device detector is applied BEFORE the raw data gets stored into the DB, or is that applied when generating the reports?

Which tracking method is recommended for in-app tracking? That might be a useful thing to state, too.
Feel free to add & edit, I just collected what is know and has been relevant to me.

Are there advanced Matomo features which are bound to a certain method? Like heatmaps, for one thing - if that is tied to JS-tracking, it might be worth pointing towards that.

Off-topic / side-thought:
At some point, I started to wonder if it would be interesting to look at the number of bot hits as detected by the DeviceDetector in the reporting “Visitors” segment.
I think this might be interesting, too, if detected bots were kept as a separate kind of visitor - it would help to detect increased crawler activity while still keeping bot hits out of the way when looking at visitor behaviour.

I’m pretty sure. The user agent doesn’t get saved.

If it’s mostly a webview, one could try tracking it like an website. Otherwise one would use the SDK in the used language (Tracking API Clients: Integrate - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3) similar to the PHP tracker.

I also had the same idea recently. There is a plugin which creates a bot report, but it doesn’t use DeviceDetector but rather a small hardcoded bot list (at least I think so).
A extensive bot report would be really nice. Maybe @SteveG is interested.

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Just to make sure we won’t end up in editing eachs others contributions -
I switched the “works in static html pages” checker for the php tracking to :cross:,
not sure if you edited that or wether I made a mistake earlier.