Creating a local geoip db

We are on piwik 2.9.1.

I apologize if this has been asked before, but so far I have not found it.

I was thinking of setting up a local geo ip db. In other words, we have many ip with local ips (10.*) ones internally
and I wanted to know how to find the format of the db and what the process is to set it up for processing by PIWIK.
I see that PIWIK has Organization Database on the Geolocation page. I also would not enter every ip, just the ranges
if possible mapped to the location related to the range.


Another way of asking this is: What are the steps for setting up a geoip db for you site. We have several locations
and I would like to state in the reports which location they are coming from. I would also need the format for the
geoip db so I could add our local data there. If this is documented somewhere, could you please point me to it.


Hi there,

I believe this plugin does something similar: - please send feedback to author if you like it or have any question (via the github link).