Creating a Custom Audience to track Bot Traffic

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a great day.

I recently made the decision to move from GA4 to Matomo and i’m super happy with the decision (wish i did it sooner).

Everything is working fine, but i would like to ask something i’m trying to achieve to block bot traffic. Usually the traffic sources have limits to block ips, and i was trying to get around that by creating a custom conversion (and create an audience with it) to exclude from all of my campaigns.

Using the Tag Manager, is it possible to fire a Google Ads Conversion tag if a user spent less than 2 seconds on the website?

Hi @LuisV

I don’t see the relation between bots and what you want to get with this rule… :thinking:

For bots, I suggest you use:

Also have a look at:

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Thanks for the reply Philippe, i really appreciate it.

The rule was to create an audience for that specific traffic. Google and other traffic sources usually have pretty low limits on how many ips you can block. So creating an audience would get around those limits.

I’ll try your suggestions!

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