Create User without invite with same email address for auth token

At first:
I got a matomo on premise installation which i wanna use to track the (wordpress) webpages of my customers.

By using the matomo plugin for wordpress i need an auth token to connect the plugin with my matomo installation.

In earlier versions it was possible to create a user for the customer and use the auth token by using a non existing / same mail address.

But currently it is only possible to invite users instead of creating directly one.

Also there is no possibility that a more than a user does have the same mail address.

Now i can use the auth token from the admin but the customer is able to read the token in wordpress which is a huge security hole.

So how it is possible to create a user without invite and a duplicated mail address to generate an auth token just to access one page?

Isn’t the feature you want?

If you want to proceed the old manner, you can create a new user (user + pwd) then create the Token with the HTTP API (see: UsersManager.addUser then UsersManager.createAppSpecificTokenAuth):

Yes, thank you! But exist there a workaround? Cause it seems, that the feature wont be implemented soon.

The workaround is the one I already suggested, I think:

By doing that, you could event work faster than before with the Matomo UI :wink:

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