Create simple widget w/ tracked event data

I’m currently tasked w/ taking already tracked events and creating widgets from that data. Using _paq([‘trackEvent’,…]), within my front end javascript, I’ve acquired the neccessary event data, yet need to show specific events in row evolution/pie chart form within the dashboard upon opening, as oppose to the defaulted flat list.

I am fairly new to Piwik (and PHP) and am getting hung up on specific parts of the documentatation, specifically how to acquire the event data and populate it into a usable report/widget that can be seen immediately upon opening the dashboard.

So far, I’ve created a report, and tied it into a new widget using ReportWidgetFactory->createWidget. This shows up on the dashboard dropdown -> Add Widget listings with the default tablerow chart. I am unclear on how to proceed further to get event data into a rowEvolution or pie chart format and to display this within that widget. Any help is much appreciated!