Create Piwik account (drupal)

Hi, i’ve installed piwik drupal module. In the configuration section it ask me Piwik site ID. How can i create a site account and get the ID?

Thanks in advance.

In normal case Piwik is showing you the site ID when adding a site.

Is this only a module which includes the Piwik tracking code, or does this module contain also a complete Piwik installation?

The module is here: Piwik Web Analytics |
and i think it includes only the Piwik tracking code.

Where can the code be found in Dupal after installation, because I didn’t see any code when installing!

how do i create piwik account to get an id.

Do you have a runing Piwik-Installation?

Sorry if I revived the thread. But I got stuck where the thread starter got stuck too. Was wondering if there is any forum for PIWIK Drupal setup.

But anyways I had found out that after installing the Piwik Drupal module (Piwik Web Analytics / Matomo Analytics |, you will STILL need to install the Piwik ( itself. Which I think wasn’t mentioned anywhere that I have read.

Ok once that had set up. I added the sites as mentioned. And somewhere I read that the drupal module is supposed to add the scripts automatically…in which I have difficulty in doing so. I only manage to track one of my site after adding the javascript provided by the piwik application into the file. So for me it only works if I manually add those scripts…which I think could be wrong as the drupal module supposed to do this automatically?

In most websites, blogs, CMS, etc. you can use a pre-made plugin to do the technical work for you. (See our list of plugins used to integrate Piwik.)” - /index.php?module=CoreAdminHome&action=trackingCodeGenerator&idSite=1&period=day&date=today

Any help or guidance would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Shivaji the boss is asking

I thought I could help out here since I use Piwik with Drupal sites for some time now. But I’m not sure I understand what the problem is.

After adding the site to Piwik you have to enable the Drupal module and enter the data there. For D7 the path is admin/config/system/piwik. You have to enter at least the Piwik site ID and Piwik HTTP URL.

If you don’t need the settings that are below these fields (e.g. excluding admin users) and you don’t have a fancy theme setup then it’s totally fine to add the tracking code manually and don’t use the module. It’s faster too.

If you need help setting up the module or adding the tracking code to your theme, please let me know what you have done and what’s not working.

Ok I managed to Install.
Both the module and the Report.
Testing on default settings shows it works.

I am just wondering if you could help me on customizing the chart to show just for a particular pages result.
I am not sure if Custom Variables are the answer nor do I know how does the Custom Variables syntax is.


  1. I have multiple product sellers on my site with each one of their product.
  2. Each seller has a maximum of 3 products.
    3.I want to create a chart that shows a report of how many times has the one of the pages are been viewed.