Create new plugin without git integration


I’m currently on the task to write a matomo plugin that imports json format from google tag manager automatically.
Unfortunately, I can’t get even a default-example plugin to run here. I’m working on Docker, and the platform, although in developement mode, insists that i need to checkout from git.
How can I suppress this warning?

Alternativly, why is my plugin not detected when I create it inside the Plugins folder? I followed the example in the docs, but the plugin just won’t show up to be activatable.


Okay, after a week of waiting I don’t think anybody will provide a usefull answere anytime soon.

So, we don’t need matomo to tell us what we can or cannot do.
Open up /var/www/html/plugins/CoreConsole/Commands/GeneratePluginBase.php

Scroll down to the end of the file.
The last function call is throwErrorIfNotGitInstalled()

We just want this function to quietly return and not bother us anymore.

protected function throwErrorIfNotGitInstalled()
        if (!SettingsPiwik::isGitDeployment()) {
            $url = '';
            throw new NotGitInstalledException("This development feature requires Matomo to be checked out from git. For more information please visit {$url}.");

Afterwards you can create new plugins via command line and activate them.
Similar errors might come up with other parts of the platform, luckily the console is nice and always tells us where Exceptions are thrown, so just fix it by hand, the code is not really hard to understand.

Hi @clockwork
Did you have a look at the:

RssWidget (Core)
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This is a widget provided in Matomo as plugin / widget showcase…