Create Geo Location Database for my internal networks

(Phil ) #1

I’m using Piwiki on our private network and would like to map our internal IP network to locations.
Is this possible?


It is possible, but you’d need to create your own GeoIP database and most likely modify the Piwik core code.
I’d suggest using Custom Variables instead, simply set a variable for a visitor that is decided on his IP and name it with the location name.

(Phil ) #3

Could I use the Custom variable to say this subnet is = to a location?

(Michael Gonera) #4

@plegault such approach would need to have logic implemented on your side, just providing the final value to the custom variable function. Check out Custom Dimensions which came in 2.16, they can pick up values dynamically from query parameters or by regular expression: Custom Dimensions - Analytics Platform - Matomo

(Guy Forssman) #5

Isn’t the IntranetGeoIP working anymore?

(Phil ) #6

I get only country information not city because everyone connecting to the servers I’m monitoring or on private IP networks.