Create Funnel Dropout Segment

I’m new to Matomo and in our company we are testing right now several analytics tools. Matomo would be my favourite, however I do not receive any answers from Support so far. (Probably (hopefully) gonna change if we buy the premium.

I’m struggling to create the right segments for specialised insights. When I’m looking into Form analytics and Funnels, the crucial segments are the ones that drop out on certain fields in a form or a certain step in the funnel.

However, I can only create a segment based on people who participated in a step in a funnel, NOT on who dropped out or finished a step.

The next step would be for me to look at session recordings of people who drop out at this particular step in the funnel.

Maybe I’m overlooking something, any help or just an answer like “This is not possible” would be highly appreciated.

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Hi @vincenz,

Could you please get in touch with our support team @