Create CustomDimension in admin panel

I have followed the steps defined in the link to install custom dimension

but when i got to “Custom Dimensions” from menu item i see the blank screen there is no option or button to create one. any possible reason for this?

Hi there,
do you have full rights?

yes, i do have, i have logged in as admin and i am using v3.13.2 version


Can you check your browsers developer tools (network tab and console) for an error when you see the blank screen?

for only one site or for all of them? better to debug as a super user.

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That should not matter. I am guessing that a request to some .directive.html file fails.

Thankyou @Lukas @RonanChardonneau as you predicted it was the browser issue, i was using chrome then i tried in safari there i could see the buttons to works in safari

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