Create a personal E-Mail Report Mail

Hello Piwik friends
I would like to personalize the weekly report saying the mail .

What should I do?

Thanks for tips .


see: Manage Email Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Many thanks for your reply.

That was not exactly what I meant. I would like to receive the weekly report mail Personalize:

Example, what i recive weekly from my Piwik System:
Sie finden in der angehängten Datei Ihren Bericht (Intervall: wöchentlich) für Webseite Domain

Thanks for your help.

Thanks you for the suggestion. It is not yet possible: you can customise the email address, the description on the first page of the report. Maybe you could create a feature request in our issue tracker?

Hi Matt,

I am looking into this as well. As you said, it is not possible at the moment, BUT where (in which file) is this text stored to be included into the email ?
If you could name us the file, we could change it in the file directly.

Thank you.

it’s not a good idea to change the file yourself, since at the next Piwik update you would lose the changes. Therefore we must change it in core.

Hi Matt,

I find the solution for changing the sender mail adress (noreply_email_address), but I also want to change the display name of the sender (Default in my 2.17.1 is “Piwik Reports” in plugins/ScheduledReports/lang/en.json). Is there a possibility in the config for that?

Thx in advance and kind regards,