Create a graph with Piwik API data

I’ve been using the Piwik API for a while now to fetch data for displaying on my CMS’s dashboard.

The thing is, when I request data for, let’s say, 2015-07-10 to 2015-07-17 (a week), the data is grouped

  • for example: ‘visitors’: 350

I would like to expand my dashboard and display some graphs (line, sparkline), but how do I fetch non-grouped data for a given date range so I can create the graph myself?

  • for example: ‘visitors’: [35, 23, 53, 43, 22, 99, 75]

I saw the ImageGraph module, but I want a nice front-end interactive javascript chart, so ImageGraph is not what I’m looking for. I only want the data to create a graph myself.

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind, I already found the answer by creating a json export from a Piwik graph and checking the API url.

In case someone wonders, and wants to know:
I changed &period=range to &period=day to split the results by day.