Create a goal based on returning visitor

Hi! Is it possible to create a goal based on returning visitor? Ie if a visitor has more than 1 visit I like to assign this goal to the visitor.

Many thanks!

Here’s my planned setup:

1 - Create a new goal: ReturningVisitor
- goal is triggered manually
- only converted once per visit

2 - Create a new trigger: ReturningVisitor

3 - Create a new tag: ReturningVisitor
- Tracking type Goal
- Goal Id from .1
- Execute tag on trigger ReturningVisitor

4 - From js on site, push a ReturningVisitor event to the dataLayer based on some cookie information that will indicate if the visitor is returning or first time visitor.

Does this approach seem reasonable, or is there a simpler method to achieve the same outcome? I welcome any suggestions or feedback!

Hi @Ivar_Bergman
I think that if you just trigger on the cookie information, this won’t work, as the cookie will be set on page 2 and trigger whereas the user is not coming back…
I think you have to cross the cookie content with the referrer value of the page. If the referrer is not the site itself, then you can trigger.