Create a custom dashboard for SEO topic cluster pages

Hello There
I am super new to Matomo and trying to create a dashboard to measure and track the performance of a topic cluster - a set of interconnected pages used in SEO.
I can create a dashboard but cannot filter to just the pages - instead, I have to look at the whole website and then dive into the options.
Any feedback is gratefully received.
Kind regards

Hello Roger,

Welcome to the community! To create a custom dashboard in Matomo specifically for tracking the performance of your SEO topic cluster pages you can use the Plugin “custom reports”. There you can select specific pages and use the reports as widgets in the dashboard.


Hello Roger (and Tom),

Filtering your dashboard to just the pages you’re interested in can be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely doable.

Consider creating a custom segment in Matomo that includes only the pages in your topic cluster. That way, you can apply the segment to your dashboard and see only the data you’re interested in.
Another thing to consider is using Google Analytics to complement your Matomo data. If you want to buy seo traffic to drive more visitors to your topic cluster, GA can help you track how visitors interact with your site.

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