Crazy question for Piwik architect: Can I run without logging or storing IP addresses?

For those Piwik installers that are motivated by the goal of protecting their user’s privacy (by moving personal usage data off the cloud), I commend you want to be a customer of your sites.

I started a new website and wrote a privacy policy which I’d like to live up to.

[size=large]>> OK, so maybe I have to remove “look at” and “capture” but would it be possible to enhance Piwik so that I can say that I don’t store ip addresses?[/size]

[li] Could it be possible to save IP address as some kind of one-way encrypted GUID? What would be the impacts?
[/li][li] Could it be possible to store the country info, etc. but only look at the IP address in memory and never save it to the database? Or is this information appended in another thread?

If this is a potentially viable then I wouldn’t mind putting in the time to try and build some kind of extension and/or options for such a feature.

Maybe it’s already there? Admittedly, I haven’t reviewed the code in any depth.