Country incorrectly identified

I have installed Matomo in my domain and it is capturing data fine. This problem is that a user sitting in Frankfurt, Germany is identified as someone from the UK! Any idea about how to fix that? The user is not on a VPN and connects to directly to the internet through a German provider.

What is the (start of the) IP he comes from?

The IP seen on the Mac is just that of the router it is attached to. If the website is accessed, the location info shown in the image is displayed

Another Mac attached to the same router but with a German language OS, shows up in Matomo as being from Germany.


Did you correctly set up the Geolocation module in Matomo?
Which geoip database are you using?

I hadn’t realised that was needed, but have now found the documentation. In the initial notes, it says that the country is identified by the language of the browser, which fits with what I have seen. Must get to grips with the instructions now. Will be using the free DB from Maxmind as this is for charity.

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