Countries shows Great Britain and United Kingdom. Why?

The countries widget shows me unique visits for both United Kingdom and Great Britain. Why aren’t they combined ? They are the same place.

I think GB include North Irland and UK not style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif

Currently, we’re not making any corrections to the data … it’s as we receive it (e.g., from the browser, from a third-party database, etc). I’ll put it on the todo list.


I’ve done a hack to fix this for the time being. It seems to be working OK for me but at your own risk.

in core/tracker/Visit.php

around line 374 there is a section heading as follows:


  • Save the visitor

immediately after this I inserted the following line befor the visitor info array is written:

if ($country == 'gb'	) {$country = 'uk';}

this forces all GB countries to UK so that all GB or UK get added to one count in country visitors instead of being split over GB and UK.

The country is currently guessed from the language of the browser which is not very accurate for determining country of visitor.
Hopefully next release with GeoIP will improve things.