Counting 2 views for each visit?

I am experimenting with Piwik locally using the HTTP Tracking API, as follows{"1":["test","test"], "2":["otherTest","test"]}

However if I make this GET request once, it records as 2 ‘Actions’, 2 page views to the same page a few seconds apart. What is causing this behaviour?

Is it a case of 1 visit to ‘’ resulting in 1 Page Entry to ‘’ and 1 Page Exit from ‘’, consequently leading to 2 Actions per 1 Visit?

Hi there,

Making this HTTP request once should only record one pageview.

It is definitely recording 2 views though. Do you have any suggestions?

I am also getting 2 visits per each visit.

i am thinkging the the is also registring maybe?

any ideas how to debug this?
Ubuntu 14 server and Apache2

Edit: all good now, my fault pasted it twice LOL