Counter (v2.0.8)


installed the plugin Counter (v2.0.8)
I can not go to the menu plugin gives
Call to undefined method Piwik\Plugin\Manager::returnLoadedPluginsInfo()
/public_html/piwik/plugins/Counter/API.php line 39
tell me how to fix it?

(Tassoman) #2

Just goto filesystem, edit config/ remove all occurrences of “Counter” inside [Plugins ****] areas


there is nothing
Plugins[] = "Counter"
PluginsInstalled[] = “Counter”

(Tassoman) #4

The brackets [ ] tells you that Plugins and PluginsInstalled variables are arrays, just remove the “Counter” lines.
The you also should delete the Counter directory from ./plugins

This would be a complete manual plugin delete


what to delete?
need to make it work

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

Hi Zulus, can you please report the bug in Counter tracker on github?
hopefully the developer will help you there. You can let him know that the function returnLoadedPluginsInfo was renamed to: loadAllPluginsAndGetTheirInfo in refs #6009 renamed some plugin manager methods · matomo-org/matomo@7055eb4 · GitHub


Thanks, all works.

(Matthieu Aubry) #8

@zulus did you report the issue to Counter develop[er? Issues · Globulopolis/Counter · GitHub


I wrote developer

(Matthieu Aubry) #10

Thanks :slight_smile: