Counter (v2.0.8)

installed the plugin Counter (v2.0.8)
I can not go to the menu plugin gives
Call to undefined method Piwik\Plugin\Manager::returnLoadedPluginsInfo()
/public_html/piwik/plugins/Counter/API.php line 39
tell me how to fix it?

Just goto filesystem, edit config/ remove all occurrences of “Counter” inside [Plugins ****] areas

there is nothing
Plugins[] = "Counter"
PluginsInstalled[] = “Counter”

The brackets [ ] tells you that Plugins and PluginsInstalled variables are arrays, just remove the “Counter” lines.
The you also should delete the Counter directory from ./plugins

This would be a complete manual plugin delete

what to delete?
need to make it work

Hi Zulus, can you please report the bug in Counter tracker on github?
hopefully the developer will help you there. You can let him know that the function returnLoadedPluginsInfo was renamed to: loadAllPluginsAndGetTheirInfo in refs #6009 renamed some plugin manager methods · matomo-org/matomo@7055eb4 · GitHub

Thanks, all works.

@zulus did you report the issue to Counter develop[er? Issues · Globulopolis/Counter · GitHub

I wrote developer

Thanks :slight_smile: