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(judel815) #1

Bonjour !
Est-il possible d’insérer un compteur comme le faisait PHPMV2Count ?

Is it possible to add a counter as was PHPMV2Count?


Pas vraiment.

Not really.

Vous pourriez utiliser l’API mais je n’en sais pas beaucoup à ce sujet.

You can use the API maybe but it dont know about it a lot.

(judel815) #3

J’essaye d’utiliser API, mais j’ai beaucoup de difficulté ! Personne n’a encore inséré un compteur sur sa page d’accueil ?

I try to use API, but it is really hard! No one has added a counter on its home page?

(judel815) #4

Un petit “up” !

Personne pour m’aider ?

Une fois que j’aurai réussi à créer un compteur je pourrai enfin passer de phpmyvisites à piwik.

Il ne me manque plus que ça !

A small “up”!

Nobody to help me?

Once I managed to create a counter I can finally spend phpmyvisites to piwik.

All I need more than that!

(vipsoft) #5

Did you look at the consulting page?

(judel815) #6

Voilà, je viens à nouveau de passer toute ma soirée à essayer d’importer des données avec API, mais sans succès.

J’ai bien lu les explications (…) et j’ai fait des tests mais rien ne fonctionne.

Je ne suis pourtant pas novice. J’ai déjà installé plusieurs scripts comme un livre d’or, newsletter, commentaires…… et bien d’autre, mais là je suis bloqué.

Pourriez-vous me guider ?

Here I come again to spend my whole evening trying to import data with API, but without success.

I have read the explanations ( …) and I made some tests but nothing works.

I am not a novice. I already have several scripts like a guestbook, newsletter, comments … … and many others, but I’m stuck.

Could you guide me?


Maybe you should drop the french part. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif
Me to i have french as first language, but Piwik’s dev community only use english (for now).

I never used the API, i didn’t even read the docs about it, but i could surely help, one bit at a time. First thing, i’ll go check the docs…

Having played with PHP apps made by others doesn’t qualify anyone as a PHP coder. And i dont consider myself a PHP coder (yet) neither even though i made a PHP art gallery script for a friend at and then adapted it for my own use on Mainly made this because i was tired of moving thing to others pages when i needed to add things on the first one.

Oh, sorry for this out of track bit.

Before i begin reading the API docs, let me express that i think it’s not possible to have the type of counter that you want. Piwik can serve data about visit on some specified time range like per day, per week, month or year. I dont see how it could tell total number of view for any perticular page. Maybe there’s somethings in the docs i didn’t see yet. I fear there aren’t but i’m checking it now…