Count www and non-www traffic as one

Hello awesome Piwik people,

I was wondering if maybe it would be possible to count the www and the non-www traffic as one. So basicly count on a domain level.
On my website I have a lot of external links (it’s a site where you can search for photographs of certain events) I deal with about 4500 links and counting.

It would be nice if I could see which links are more popular than others (and if it that’s just one gallery or everything from a certain photographer)
Now, with the outlinks page in the actions tab I can track a lot of information already, but it would be nice if external links to “” and “” would add up.

So, right now I know that ‘x’ number of people visited “” and ‘x’ number of people clicked on “” (Piwik shows that in the best way possible, with the tree structure! (tu))
At the same time I also know how many went to “”.
It would be super if Piwik combined the stats for both links. So, “” + “” = “

I hope you guys understand my description! :slight_smile:

Just a little bump.

Is anybody interested in this idea?

Can anybody explain how I can submit this future idea to the developer zone or should it be picked up by one of the team members?

You can alias sites in Piwik. Add both urls as valid urls in the website settings.

Go to: Settings → Website
Click on the edit link of the desired website and add all the urls in the urls field. This is and

As it turns out Piwik does this automatically. Piwik 2.8.3:

It is recommended, but not required, to specify the various URLs, one per line, that your visitors use to access this website. Alias URLs for a website will not appear in the Referrers > Websites report. Note that it is not necessary to specify the URLs with and without ‘www’ as Piwik automatically considers both.

Uuhm, thanks for your message, but how is that going to help with external links? :S
What you mean is the location of your Piwik. For example, www.domain.tld/piwik could also be domain.tld/piwik. Or if you want to view your stats through a subdomain, like piwik.domain.tld
I already knew that and yes, that works like a charm.

The specific ‘new feature’ I’m talking about, as stated in the OP, is to count www as well as non-www external links as one in the outlinks section of Piwik.

I hope this explains things a bit better and I sure hope that one day this feature could be implemented in a new version of Piwik (:P)

Damm, you mean outgoing clicks… misted that.

But what you could do is creating a Goal. In this Goal, you can specify that outgoing clicks that contains domain X.

Go to Goals -> Create new Goal
Select Goal is triggered -> Click on a Link to an external website
where the external website URL -> contains
Pattern ->

I know that this can be done for known domains. But for unknown domains, it should be solved by Piwik. So I guess that it should be a code change / setting in Piwik. (feature request)

Sorry for the confusing.


Again thanks for your thoughts, but that is not what I mean with this feature request.

I understand we have the option to create a goal and view the statistics on a domein-level that way. Since the OP the database in question has grown to over 5000 links and will keep growing in the future. The links are spread over -about- 200 photographers. With the method you’ve described I would have to create a goal for every photographer and when I enter a new one in the db, I would also have to create a new goal in Piwik.

What I’m looking for, and what this request is about, is to automaticly add-up the www and non-www external links in the existing outlinks section in our reports.

Yeah, I though that also… to bad.

Hi there,Please let’s continue the discussion in the issue that was created: Count www and non-www external links as one in the Outlinks section · Issue #6528 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


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