Copying a dashboard is bugging out on fresh install

So I have a problem since I´ve upgraded Piwik to the latest stable version.

If I have two custom dashboards that I want to copy to another user (which I do frequently). The first one will be copied correctly but the following ones will not. They however registers in the table “analytics_user_dashboard” but with the wrong dashboard name.

Somehow through cache or whatever reason the following custom dashboards just prepopulates the name of the first copied one (which it didnt do in older versions). Maybe its the Ajax call that is having problem grabbing the actual name of the dashboard I want to copy or whatnot.

I dont know how to control this behaviour and im actually kind of lost, reinstalled piwik fresh on two different servers, nothing worked. Its like I need to do a hard refresh of the page to be able to copy a dashboard which makes it do-able, but not optimal. Suggestions anyone?

Would you mind to post a step by step description how to reproduce that?