Copy every action,visit from siteid X,Y,Z to A

Hi Guys,

following problem, we are tracking with id 2 and with id 3 and so on, about 25 IDs in that domain.
Now we want an overall statistic for
The approach now is to load piwik 2 times, with the subpageid and with another id for the overall stats.
But that are more http requests and that doesnt work with the async tracker code.

So, would it be an option to implement the following:
Every Website ID has a property CopyToID, when set, all visit,click actions are copyied to that pageid also.

I then yould generate a “OverallStatsWebpage” with id A, and configure all my sideid 1-25 to copy there data to that sideid A, where i then have a ouverall statistic.

It would be really useful, understandable, comments?

regards Martin