Cookies Stored

What cookies does Piwik store on computers that it is tracking?

Refer to the un-minified source in js/piwik.js for details or latest info.

Cookie name, session or persistent cookie (and default age), description/contents:
[li] “testcookie”, session, test to see if browser supports cookies
[/li][li] “id”, persistent (2yrs), uuid (pseudorandom ID; does not contain any personally identifiable info), number of visits, and timestamps (of first visit, previous visit, current visit, and last ecommerce action)
[/li][li] “ses”, persistent (30 minutes), no data/information other than to identify new visits
[/li][li] “ref”, persistent (6 months), campaign name, campaign keyword, date of referral, referral URL
[/li][li] “cvar”, session, custom variables

See also: 301 Moved Permanently