Cookies PHP 5.2.6 IIS5/2000

(arkman) #1

I think there may be a cookie issue under my configuration - PHP 5.2.6 on IIS5/2000. I have to manually manipulate my cookie to login/logout of piwik (under multiple browsers) and unique visitors are generating several cookies for one visit- one unique visitor will show up as multiple unique visitors.

(arkman) #2

Is there somewhere else I should post this?

(vipsoft) #3

I didn’t seen this problem with IIS7. Most likely a php configuration issue.

(arkman) #4

“a php configuraion issue” is pretty vague. Have any specifics? Any debugging tips?

Also, I’m not using IIS7, I’m using IIS5. I compared the php configuration to a functioning ubuntu box, and they were identical as far as cookies/sessions go.

(vipsoft) #5

Well, the symptoms you describe aren’t something I’ve seen before, and it doesn’t give me many clues as to the cause.

Can you upgrade php? or try the forums on ?