Cookies added by Analytics

  1. Which cookies are added to the browser and need to be quoted as we have to respect also EU Cookies law?

  2. As there is also Heatmap plugin, which cookies should be quoted also in this case?

Example for Google and GA:


This FAQ entry describes it:

If Piwik is setup on a different URL from the website being tracked can be used cookies _pk_ref, _pk_cvar, _pk_id, _pk_ses and _pk_hsr?

Will be detected analytics when using tracking on a different URL from the website as tracking code is placed on the website. Example: clients based websites

Hi there,
it does not change anything, the cookies are deployed according to the website you track.

I have checked Dasboard. It does not show any statistics. How to solve this and verify that all is working during installation. Maybe cookies issue but I see placed cookies.

It is now showing also statistics.

I’m checking duration of cookies due to EU regulations. Can be supplied such information. Names are known at URL:_pk_ref, _pk_cvar, _pk_id, _pk_ses. When you use the Heatmap & Session Recording plugin, a cookie _pk_hsr