Cookie notice opt-in

Where do I find the javascript-code for matomo opt-in? I need to use it in the wp-plugin cookie notice. There is a field, where I have to fill code in.

The plugin “cookie notive” offers a field to put some code into it. It sets the code in the head and has the function to block script. it says:

To get the user consent status use the cn_cookies_accepted() function.

If I am using the code you showed me with your link nothing is happening. I cannot find an explanation what this can be: cn_cookies_accepted() function

I am pleased, if you could help. Thank you.

The basic tracking code has to be implemented with the Method _paq.push(['requireConsent']); (before calling trackPageView). That tells Matomo to not issue tracking requests until the consent was given.

As soon as the user has confirmed consent for Matomo / in general, you can call _paq.push(['rememberConsentGiven']); to tell the tracker that it is now allowed to track the user.