Converting a Large Existing Data Set to Auto Archive Reports

I have inherited a large-ish PIWIK server that currently tracks over 300+ sites with data going back several (I believe 5) years. The site currently generates reports on demand and runs terribly terribly slowly - often crashing or producing a 500 error.

The system in question is version 2.1.0, php 5.6, mysql 5.6.20, windows server 2008 r2 with 1 core and 6GB of RAM. The application and the DB are co-located on the same server. I am ready to migrate to the current version of PIWIK once I address the below issue.

The export/mysqldump of the database takes over three hours and the resulting SQL file is approximately 20GB. Importing takes an additional 3 hours.

I would like to convert over this data set to Auto Archived reports and stop generating them on demand, but it is not clear what will happen or if it will be successful given the regular 500s I get. So the question is, can I retroactively auto archive reports for the existing data set? While I lose data? Will it work? What things can I do to make it slightly less painful?

Make sure to upgrade to Piwik 3 ASAP and also run on PHP7. If you need our professional support help, contact us via: We can help you update your Piwik to the latest version - Analytics Platform - Piwik