Conversions attributed to direct traffic

Hello there,
We are facing an issue where most of our conversion are attributed to the direct traffic channel. This is a big problem for us, because a lot of the conversions should be attributed to our CPC campaign instead. Due to this issue, we don’t really know which campaign or keyword performed well in term of purchase (cost per conversion, conversion rate…etc)

  • We do have the mtm tracking links set properly in all our campaigns.
  • The payment redirection platforms have been excluded from our referrals.
  • In term of traffic acquisition, the data are about right (so no discrepancies there).
  • We tried the multi-channel attribution plugin, but it didn’t change anything.
    If anyone have an insight on how to change that, it would be amazing !

Looks like something is distrupting session attribution.

Traffic sources and campaigns are tracked as you expect? That is: platform clicks are more or less aligned with visit data?

If this is the case, then the most likely cause is there’s something that writes a new visitor ID for the user coming back from the payment gateway.

I STRONGLY recommend doing a full simulation of a user coming from a campaign and ending with a conversion, while using this awesome tool by David Vallejo

It’s like GA-GTM debugger… but on steroids and it supports Matomo!

Should be useful to make the right observations.

If you also would post updates about this, that would be great.

Hello Martino,

Thanks for your help!

I can confirm that the traffic itself is tracked properly when we compare it to the clicks we are getting from the platforms, or even compared to the proportion we were seeing in GA.

What you propose is really interesting, and we looked it up a with one of the dev. But we were not able to find the user ID or the value that holds the user ID. Would you be so kind to enlighten us on where to find the user ID in the Matomo section of this tool ?

Ofc I’ll post an update here, maybe it can help some other people :slight_smile:

Not the “user” ID, but the visitor ID. It’s equivalent to the client ID in Google Analytics, it’s the unique user identifier stored in the cookie and it’s sent with the hit.

The hit field should be: _id

Alright thank you !

I can see that we are not providing any user ID to matomo, this field is blank in our tracking code. Apparently, Matomo generates its own random user ID. And as we can see in the ecommerce logs, all hits are correctly associated to the right visitor (hits before hitting our external payment gateway pages and hits afterward). This does not seem to be the issue.

It’s just that *after * hitting our payment gateway page, the visitor’s channel changes to direct traffic and the campaign data is discarded. Any idea how to fix that? Referrer Exclusion seems to be not working really.