Conversion Exports Plugin

one question:

Does the plugin export only direct conversions (like: klick on Ad → Goal: Checkout) or will it export also conversions like the Plugin “Multi Channel Conversion Attribution” tracks?

Thank you.

Hi @treffer ,

Conversion export plugin export the Google Click ID, Conversion Name, Conversion Time, Conversion Value, Conversion Currency. Revenue inclusion is optional, it is possible to export without revenue.

Hi @karthik,

yes i know. But does it only track a direct conversion or also the conversion e.g. after 4 visits…?

Hi @treffer ,

Under Attribution settings of the plugin, there is an option to export visits with click ID attached, when this option is set a conversion will only be included in the export if the visit was directly attributed with a Click ID. When you disable this option, the export will also include all conversions from visitors where any of their previous visits are attributed with a Click ID. The Click ID that is looked for depends on the chosen export type.

Note: Exporting non directly attributed conversions requires the use of tracking cookies, so that the same visitor can be identified across multiple visits and days. If you have disabled tracking cookies, this feature won’t work and will only export conversions that can be directly attributed to a Click ID.

When you disable the setting “Only export visits with a click ID”, then you will be presented with three options First Click ID, Last Click ID and last Click ID. This will be useful when a visitor might have been referred to your page with multiple Click IDs. If this is the case, this setting is used to determine which Click ID to use in the export. If you choose all Click IDs, a conversion that can be attributed with multiple Click IDs will be included once for each Click ID.