Content tracking: Where can I see the additonal metadata tracked and how do I analyze it?

I’m playing aroung with content tracking (Content Tracking: Integrate - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3).

I actually just want to track how often particular links in the global navigation are clicked - AFAIK content tracking should be the perfect solution for this.

Right now I am testing with the following and I do see it in the logs:

_paq.push(['trackContentImpression', 'Content Name', 'Content Piece', '']);
_paq.push(['trackContentImpression', 'Content Name', 'Content Piece 2', '']);
_paq.push(['trackContentInteraction', 'clicked', 'Content Name', 'Content Piece', '']);
_paq.push(['trackContentInteraction', 'whatever', 'Content Name', 'Content Piece', '']);
_paq.push(['trackContentInteraction', 'scrolled', 'Content Name', 'Content Piece 2', '']);

I currently see under Behavior > Contents the following:

So for the global navigation use case I could have a content name set to “Navigation” and each of the navigation items as the content pieces (“Navigation link 1, Navigation link 2, …”).
How do I see the additional metadata like the contentInteraction (clicked) or the contentTaget ( Is it visible anywhere in the UI? I would imagine that I see the different types of interactions in that report like “clicked, scrolled, whatever” somewhere as well as the targets?

When I do “Export this dataset” I get this:
"reportMetadata": [{"contentTarget": "[](","segment": "contentName==Content+Name","idsubdatatable": 1}],
Which is some of the metadata but missing a lot as you can tell.

What do you think would be the best way to track global navigation items or a link list for that matter?