Content Tracking: What is the "target" used for?

I am trying to understand what the “target” attribute is needed for in content tracking.

It is mentioned in a few places like

However, that does not make it clear what this attribute is actually used for. It does not show up in reports, and interaction tracking seems to work for me even if I omit it.

Can anybody explain?

Hi @mp1

Target is the target of the content if exist, ie in most cases an href. For example, for an advertising content, it should be the advertiser.

  • **Content Target **- The target is the actual URL destination of the element that has been clicked. For example, the URL of a landing page that you link to when a visitor clicks on the Content Piece. In a single page website, it could also be the name of an anchor link within your page. In a mobile app, it could be the name of the screen which the interaction will open. The Content Target isn’t actually shown within your reports. Instead, the target is used to assess whether a successful interaction has occurred or not. The target is essential for accurately tracking the Interaction Rate of a content piece.

You’re right. Except in visits log, I don’t see this value anywhere else…

An old ticket exists for this:

Add a comment in it in order to make more visibility on it…