Content Tracking Issues

Hi there,

I have few questions re. content tracking:

  1. I have a one page scrollable website. If someone clicks on a menu item in the header, the page will automatically scroll to that section of the website. I notice in Matomo that all sections that are further up on the website have 1 content impression as well. I am guessing this is because the website is scrolling down to the relevant section. However, it would be better if the above sections do not have impressions since they were not really viewed.

  2. Whenever someone clicks on a content block an interaction is counted. This means if someone interacts with one block multiple times, the interaction rate can be 400% for example. Instead of behaving this way, is it possible to set a max of 100% per visit? I want to understand what percentage of users are interacting with certain content blocks. The same is true for content impressions. I would like there to be a max of 1 per visit instead of seeing that one visitor looked at a content block 3 times because he/she is scrolling up and down.

Here is a link to the website: Qreativraum

Thanks in advance for the advice!



Anyone who could share his thoughts? Would really appreciate it!