Content Tracking -- how can I query which pages users interacted with tracked content?

This doesn’t feel like a rare use case, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to handle it with Matomo.

I have a content block that can appear on a large number of pages in my web site. The content block has links to a few pages. I’m interested in learning

  1. how users interact with this content block,
  2. which pages have the content block added, and
  3. the pages with the highest percentage of interactions.

Perfect use case for Content Tracking! (I think)

So for (1) the Engagement → Contents → Content Name (or Content Piece) report seems to work:

But for (2) I’m having more trouble. I can create a segment to filter out all the content interactions:

But then I don’t see any data on the Behavior → Pages. I do see page and interactions in the Visitors Log AND events have information about the page they were on. But how do I pull this data out?

For (3) I’m similarly lost. Any ideas?