Content tracking and lightboxes

Hello all,

I haven’t been able to find anything about this the documentation - we have a lightbox that appears when the visitor leaves the site (using Ouibounce), ie when the mouse moves outside the viewport the lightbox changes from display none to visible.

I would like to track how often this lightboxes appears and is then interacted with, but would this work using content tracking?

I could use events but I feel content tracking would be better.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Alex,

Content Tracking should work here, can you try it?

Hi Matt,

Yes, I tried it out quickly before posting - it seemed to count the number of impressions ok, but not the number of interactions, which was too low.

I also have event tracking onclick on the form button that’s part of the content block if that’s relevant.

Any ideas, or perhaps it browser specific?

Any ideas, or perhaps it browser specific?

Any chance you could create a small HTML/JS page where you can reproduce the issue? maybe we can improve the content tracking to accurately track impressions in this case, if we can reproduce the issue

Hi Matt,

I’d like to give this a week and take it from there.

2 reasons - this content box normally gets 1-2 clicks a day so it’s perhaps not so accurate, but mostly, I’ve noticed today that they are registering, just not immediately - it seems to be taking a few minutes to show up in piwik for some reason.

A minimalist version of the code I’m using if it helps:

<div class="modal" data-track-content data-content-name="..." data-content-piece="..">
<div class="modal-body">
<form name="...." method="post" action="..." >
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="..." data-content-target="........" onmousedown="javascript:_paq.push(['trackEvent',....,'...',location.pathname.substring(1)]);_paq.push(['setCustomVariable',5,'...',document.getElementById('...').value,'visit']);_paq.push(['trackPageView']);"/>

I think I might have solved this one.

Must content tracking have only 1 data-content-target attribute?

In the data-content-name and piece container I have 2 buttons, so I’ve attached the target to each with different values (I noticed the values aren’t reported anywhere?)

It seems that only the first of the 2 targets is having its interactions counted, possibly. So I have to set up 2 data-content-names and data-content-pieces so add some more divs and spans?