Confusion about pageviews and user actions in requirements guide

It says in this guide Matomo Requirements User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo that the requirements stages are calculated according to the number of pageviews per month, but does it?
I am confused about which number should I take into consideration, the number of pageviews or user actions?


The numbers there are just a rough estimation, so you can estimate what resources you can expect to require.
So for precise requirements or if you have special use cases (very high numbers of actions per pageview), I’d recommend you to do your own testing.

But I’d say that the numbers on the page can be sees as about the sum of pageviews and actions

Thanks for the reply!
There’s a way to be sure there is a lack of resources?
Only my live visitors widget does not load in time and gets an error, even though I have a cron job for archiving.