Conflict between Url rewriting choice and piwik API

Hello all

For my websites, I use the following rewriting rule :,page-id.html

It seems that this format is not compatible with for example method getKeywordsForPageUrl of module API… Piwik try to identify a segment and I receive the error message “Segment parameter ‘26485.html’ does not appear to have a valid format.”.
Has anyone encountered the problem and find a solution to it ( except change the rewriting rule :S ).

Dr Khône

You have to URL encode you URLs (or URLs substrings) before you put them in &segment= URL parameter

Thanks for your answer but it doesn’t work better. I’ve also tried to urlencode $url variable on line 66 of plugins/Referers/API.php like this :
$segment = ‘entryPageUrl==’.urlencode( $url );
It stops talking about malformed segment, but it doesn’t find any results …