Conflict between Geolocation"GeoIP (Php)" & Branding settings


In Geolocation, when i selected “default”, piwik can upload and display custom logo and favicon correctly.
In Geolocation, when i installed & selected " GeoIP (Php)", piwik can’t upload and display custom logo and favicon.
I re-installed version 2.14.3 in new server, the conflict persisted.

I found that after installing GeoIP (Php), there were many files added under /mic, see attached file.png

When i deleted those files under /mic, custom logo and favicon can be uploaded and displayed correctly.
When i uploaded those files again, custom logo and favicon can’t be uploaded and displayed correctly.

Why are you uploading all those files? The only thing that needs to be uploaded to the /misc directory is the file GeoIPCity.dat. The Geolocation (php) feature is part of the base installation of Piwik. That is, it’s already built in.


First of all, I cleared all the cache of my browser, I only keep GeoIPCity.dat under /mic, and then selected yes to “Use a custom logo”.
I still can’t upload my logo and favicon.
Then, in Geolocation, I selected default, not GeoIP (Php), I can’t upload my logo and favicon also.

I check /misc/user/, the previous uploaded logo and favicon are still there.

It means, right now, no matter I select default or GeoIP (Php) in Geolocation, I can’t upload logo and favicon and the custom logo and favicon can’t display.
Any idea what’s wrong?

I have opened a bug report on Github : .

The problem has nothing to do with Geolocation. Basically, file uploads of the Logo and Favicon files for Branding don’t appear to work.

We have to wait and see what the developers have to say.


Thanks for your help.

I have closed the bug report mentioned above.

The inability to upload branding icons was caused by a server mis-configuration. The GD library was not properly installed. After this problem was corrected on the server, the Branding feature worked perfectly.

The Install wizard system sanity check had caught this error, but the error message only referred to Sparklines as being affected. An error message when the user attempts to upload Branding icons would have been helpful.