Configuration assistant - Guess what is the best way to store session

Dear team,

First of all, thank you vey much to provide an powerfull alternative to google analytics.

We’ve been using Piwik since decembre 2009 and I thought I missed something in configuration and have been searching for hours.

While I was going to request for help on the forum, I ended to that faq : Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo
It just brang everithing back to normal ! Thanks !

But I was sure I had it wrong from the beginning and nearly switched to OWA …

Do you think you can launch a test to help user to understand why his piwik is so slow or even not loading ? Giving a few hints on where to search ?
Or giving advices like “you have more than XXX thousands records and are using Mysql, please consider doing …”.

Do you think it may be usefull for the community ?

Thanks anyway,

Thanks for reporting the bug. I think it is a critical issue indeed. I created a ticket: Work around some hosts requiring session_save_handler = dbtable or piwik crashes · Issue #3234 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
there is also: OVH Web Host compatibility: detect when file sessions are too slow and use db sessions instead · Issue #2997 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

the problem is I’m not sure how to solve the issue properly – can we detect when the session files are too slow and swtich to DB sessions?

Would it be possible to make a test page that launch a few session expensive requests with each session store configuration and guess with the time spent ?

When a few timeout request happend, the user may see a info box : “It’s looks like you have performance issues, please go to -that page- to make a few automated tests to help you solve it.”

As I’m not a full time administrator, I assume many other issues may be tested like DB weight, number of records, php memory limit, access rights, etc.