Complete URL in pages report


We track different domains with a single site ID. How can I display the complete URL including domain in the page report?


Hi Pete. I have the same problem.
Have you found a solution?
Thank you

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‚ÄčHere are three different ways you can move forward on this.

‚ÄčThis is the most robust way. ‚ÄčThe javascript tracking code will need a small modification. Once that is added to your pages, the new data will have the full domain and path.
‚ÄčYou can make this modification in the administration panel of your user interface.
‚ÄčMatomo >> :gear: >> Websites/Measurables >> Tracking code >> Options >> Prepend the site domain to the page title when tracking.
‚ÄčA second option is, when you hold the mouse over a line in Matomo >> Behavior >> Pages, the domain should be visible.
‚ÄčA third option is you can make a Custom Report. ‚ÄčTo get the full URL you would need to create a custom report.


You would specify the Page URL as a dimension and then add the metrics you require.

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This is a late reply. None of this works. Maybe it has in '22, but now there seem to be now way to show paths with domains.