Comparisons with Chartbeat


I just spent a day trialling Chartbeat, which is a very slick, paid real-time stats service, and then removed it because the differences over what Piwik and Google Analytics give me simply wasn’t enough to justify paying.

Eye-candy aside, there are some nice features to Chartbeat that I’d love to see in Piwik:

[li] A dashboard widget showing how many people are on my site right now
[/li][li] A dashboard widget for social mentions, aimed at twitter & facebook at least
[/li][li] Email/sms alerts based on site traffic (although their current incarnation is mostly aimed at telling you that you’re going to need to change payment plans soon)

One surprise was that Chartbeat saw more visitors than Piwik does in real-time, but when visitors seen by both appeared first in Piwik’s dashboard. Is this only because, of 2 pieces of code included on each page, Chartbeat has one piece of code at the top of each page?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2
  1. Could be easily possible… please create a ticket (and you can put a screenshot of proposal of how charbeat looks or how you think it should loook like

  2. Do you know where they get the data from?

  3. Feature request; New plugin: define Custom Alerts and receive email when triggered · Issue #1486 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


[li] Done: #3131
[/li][li] They require you to link with your Twitter & FB accounts for the Mention, Like and Share counts, but the Retweet count is coming from somewhere else
[/li][li] Sweet