Comparing Visits / PI with AWstat

Hi everyone,
we have installed Piwik on premise to track users on our companies website.
Since all topics I found seemed to be without result I´ll try my best here, hoping to get more clearity about this topic.

Basic problem - the “visits” on piwik are about 50% of AWstats values (“number of visits”) during the week and only 20% on weekends.
The global Page-Impressions per day are even worse.

Before using Piwik we used eTracker which led to about the same results.

So my guess - is it a problem of Browsers blocking the Java-Script and count-pixel? Or what is the explaination for this?

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance

(Piwik version 2.16.1, AWStats 6.95 (build 1.943)

It kind of depends on your web site. AWStats uses the Apache log file to do tracking. If all of your pages are PHP or HTML then AWStats will work well. If your pages use AJAX or a Javascript library then it is possible that some actions won’t be tracked. Please tell us more about your web site.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The website is created by Typo3 but its static - no shops or so.
Of course there is a bit of JavaScript on it, but loading the JS-Script should not be considered as a PI by AWStats, or am I wrong there?

best regards


As I said AWStats gets its reports from the Apache log. When a user loads a file from the server (Even a JS file) that is logged in the Apache log. Piwik, on the other hand, can be used to log actions the user takes (Amongst a huge amount of other things) in the browser.

You can’t really compare the two products.

Well, but the number of visitors should be the same on both sides or not?
AWStats excludes bots and piwik does the same.

Normaly - from my point of view both should also show the same amount of Page Impressions if all bots were excluded correctly.

I would expect all of the stats to be somewhat different. AWStats get’s its data from the logs. Piwik inserts its data from Javascript on the client.

As I understand it you can set Piwik up to use just the logs. In that situation I would expect the stats to be the same.