Compare by date for ecommerce function does not work as expected

I want to compare this year’s (month’s/week’s) sales with that of the last year. As in: “How were sales in October 2023, as compared to October 2022”.

I don’t want to see days, I want to see the whole month. In the non-comparative view I can see months, as expected, and I can choose how many months I want to see.

But when I swtich to the comparison view, a couple of things seem to break:
Order value is set to zero. Visits with sales are still displayed, but no order value, no average order value.
The view switches to daily display, which is really useless. Nobody wants to compare the 22 of October 2023 to the 22 of October 2023. People compare weeks, months or years.

In order to do this, I currently have to export the data to a spreadsheet and do my graphs there. But this should be an out-of the box feature of the ecommerce package. The UI at least suggests it.


Hi @DanielHug
In order to understand more the issue, can you provide some screenshots to illlustrate?