Combine "normal" tracking and tag manager

Hi All,
i was wondering if i can use tag manager along with the normal tracking?

To make it work i just paste both code snippets into the script tag?


Generally you can do that by using both tracking codes but you should think over whether this makes sense. In case you have “old” events created by classical tracking and you do not want to track them in tag manager this could be useful.

But for “normal” settings it is good to decide for one of the techniques. If you use both, take care, that you do not track the page views twice, by classical tracking and by tag manager.

I saw two projects where this is used. One is a website that was created to a large extent by angular framework. The developer said that tag manager does not work there. On an another large site where they used classical tracking and they just used tag manager only on 404-pages to get the referrer and URL as an event.

Also be careful that MTM container is well configured on your page before being able to use _paq.push(...)
You can have a look at this post where I had to combine some MTM and _paq: