Combine content tracking with custom dimensions

I made a feature request which I added here: Combine content tracking with custom dimensions · Issue #12221 · piwik/piwik · GitHub

What I have is the following scenario:

I store some additional info of a visitor in a custom dimension (per visit). I do this only for a special group of visitors. Now I want to focus on that target group and use the content tracking module for this.

I want to know, how many views and clicks a visitor of that special target group has. Therefor I xdebuged the custom dimension plugin but it was way to complicated for me to understand what is going on as there is a lot happening with the Archive (multiple times).

Since the content tracking is very similar to the nb_actions field, I wanted to know, how this is implemented but figured out, it’s hard coded in the core but not in the plugin.

Can someone help me to understand how to add 2 additional fields in the custom dimension report and also for the API?

The content impressions should just be the sum of all entries in the log_link_visit_action table likewise the content interactions.

PS: Even the example plugin didn’t really help me understand how a plugin works. I think I really need a video tutorial for that :wink:

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