Colorcoding the current Opt-Out-Status in iFrame

(Lukas Winkler) #1

Inspired by this and this tweet.

Sometimes you may want to make it more obvious if a user is currently opted-in by colorcoding the Opt-Out-iFrame.

This is simply possible thanks to the great plugin.

Simply enter the following JS code into the corresponding text box and use the custom iframe. (You need to enable custom JS in the plugin settings first)

var trackVisits = document.getElementById("trackVisits");

function setColor() {
    if (!trackVisits) { // no checkbox -> DNT is enabled = "lightgreen";
    } else if (trackVisits.checked) { // checkbox enabled -> tracking = "red";
    } else { // checkbox not enabled -> No tracking = "green";

if (trackVisits) {
    trackVisits.addEventListener("click", setColor);

The code isn’t perfect, but shows how easy it is to modify the Out-Out-iFrame.
You may want to modify the colors to protect your visitors eyes :smile:

PS: This is a wiki, so everyone is welcome to edit and improve the post

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

Be sure to enable custom JS in the plugin. It is disabled by default.