COHORTS - Monthly Users are not visible

I am able to see monthly unique visitors and visitors %. But when I select users from drop down it doesn’t’ show anything except hyphens. When I change the duration to days it shows data but not for month. What is the reason behind this? What I need to do to see monthly active users using COHORTs feature.

Hi @Ritesh_Waghela
As this concerns Matmoo premium feature, I’ll let @innocraft reply your question.
Maybe you can add some screenshots to help us understand better your needs…

Hi @Ritesh_Waghela can you please provide an example on how it is reflecting on your end for further review?

Hi Varun, Please take a look at the image.

Hi @Ritesh_Waghela
Do you track with user ID, or only with visitor (in this case, Matomo looks itself returning users…)