Cloudfront Log Analytics

The target audience for my new website is developers and I have concluded that the majority of these could well be running ublock or adblocker. Therefore the only way to monitor visits to the site is via the server logs. This is a static site running on CloudFront.

Can anyone point me to some useful information about how to set up and automate the log process.


Hi @toomanylogins ,

you need to follow these default steps.
In your case it is important that you get access to the log files of your website where Matomo is installed with the Python script.

Thanks for reply.
To clarify I need to download the logs from CloudFront and copy them to a directory on the matomo server. This is where I was getting confused. It doesn’t import them directly from CloudFront ?

For me this would have to be a manual process is that correct it seems a bit cumbersome.

I will test this. Thanks

I’m not familiar with CloudFront. But Matomo needs the logfiles to import on the own server. There is no upload form or similar in Matomo.

Edit: maybe you can get the cloudfront log files from the Matomo server via FTP/SSH copy